Trailer Towing (B+E)

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Trailer Towing Training & Testing (B+E)

Have you ever wanted to tow a trailer, caravan or horse box?

Do you have a small trailer to take garden waste to the tip to keep your car clean and pristine?

Wanted to share driving with your partner on a caravan holiday?

Towing a Horse Box?

Have a business idea, and need to tow a box trailer?  Do not let yourself be held back.

Have the confidence to tow a trailer, safely manoeuvre the trailer and vehicle, reversing around corners and into tight parking spaces.

Who needs to take the B+E Trailer Test?

If you passed your driving licence before January 1 1997, you are not require to pass the trailer test, however you may want to attend a Trailer Handling Course to give you that confidence to hitch up, drive, manoeuvre and park up.

Passing your driving licence after January 1 1997, requires you to take the trailer test to obtain B & E categories, up to 3,500 kg.

MAM means Maximum Authorised Mass, this is the maximum weight of the trailer, vehicle fully laden.

Before January 1 1997 enables you to drive a car and tow a trailer 3,500 kg – 8,250 kg combined.

Still not sure if you need to pass the test?  Give Cameron a call on 01274 684604


What does the B+E Trailer test involve?

The B+E Trailer test comprises of 6 parts:

    • eyesight check
    • ‘show me, tell me’ vehicle safety questions
    • reversing your vehicle
    • general driving ability
    • independent driving
    • uncoupling and recoupling the trailer

For more information on the B+E Car and Trailer driving test see here

If you know that you need that extra confidence, the skills to drive with a trailer, then pick up that phone.

Our trainers are calm, confident in their ability to provide a learning platform to ensure that every type of learner can access the training, connected and present with you at all times throughout your training, affording you the best of attention.

The training environment is safe, allowing you to enjoy those moments when things do not quite go to plan, reflecting, and learning from those moments, this is what makes you brilliant, able to succeed when it comes to the test.

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